Nikko Benson

"I Could Be Jewish for You"

I should have known when I met you
By the Orthodox synagogue

I should have known when I saw you
Buying extra lox at the bagel shop

I should have known
You’re not to blame
I should have known we’re not the same
It doesn’t take an Einstein
You’ve got the nose
You’ve got the name
The name is Steinstein

I’m not sure what you want me to do
But I think this is
Worth working through
I’ll admit it’s a little bit
Out of the blue
But, might as well try I think
I could be Jewish for you

Like on the holidays…

I’ll stop baking gingerbread
Start baking Challah

When Hanukkah comes, heck
I’ll light the mandala!
Menorah, excuse me

If you could just choose me
I’ll sing eidledeidle not fa la
Yeah as far as the culture
I might need a clue
But I’ll give it a shot, ‘cause
I’ve got to be Jewish for you
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