Chronic Law

"Gone Lef Dem"

75 Production
No fear boy we no care weh dem come from
Don't think the mini k malfunction
Slam one in a yuh face little gun bag

From me born
Me no take chat from people
Nobody me nah run from
Dem nah kill and a say dem is a gunman
Man buss them head and

Gone lef dem
'Pon a yeng yeng
Di badness real, go tell dem
Chip Glock, the belly fi this extend
Proll wid 'e rifle it a mi bestfriend
Gone lef dem
Mi gyal in a the red benz
Two gun in a di lock spot and mi nuh rent dem (Yeah)
Man bad long time, from 25 was red cent

[Verse 1]
Mi nuh frighten
Mi nuh frighten mi obsessed wid gun
Mi carry dem all when it nuh licensed
Di rifle handle look like a crocodile foot
Dawg mi no lock none a my gun in a di bush yeah
Seaview you know the thing loud
We nuh use mouth, three rifle push out
War dem want so mi find dem out
Brain a splash out
B-b-buss dem head and
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