Chronic Law

"Money Talk"

You know how 'e badness go enuh

[Verse 1]
Mi make mi money talk, 'top chat
Mi pull up, a Droptop swag shop
Mad rass, black clarks and socks
Gyal a ask "Weh you name 'pon snapchat?" (Yo)
Mi lef' 'e bore, mi carry the slide cross
Have belt 'pon it so mi carry it like knapsack (Yo)
Hill top mi dawg wi carry 'im bag
We make dem sell

Money money money money money
Money money
Money money money money money
Money money
Nah stop flow through mi pocket
Make dem gwan screw like mechanic
Because man nah stop make money
Money money

[Verse 2]
Yo [?]
Watch e pu**y dem a make talk to dem family
And them me go fi dem a dead yard
Yeah me have me money but dem know me head mad
Me no operator so me never take talk
Put money 'pon me head but me laugh
Me a go fi dem food did in a di breakfast
Yo shavdon, Dem no in a we class
Billions a mi foot, tell me weh you see di boss
Alright then money
Money money
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