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Chronic Law

"Yo Have Me"

This is Young Genz Musiq


Mi nuh see nuh style out there weh yuh cyan do
Pretty wid di flowers pon yuh titty, like a garden
Anytime yuh jiggle gyal yuh make mi sitt'n harden
Couldn't wul it out, mi haffi send di killy call yuh

[Verse 1]
Ohh ohh
Take e middle skin clean yuh nuh tough like marble
Phone pon live, everybody ah record yuh
Belly flat but anuh like nobody ah starve yuh
Whine fast fi mi, whine fast
Sumn grow when yuh bubble slow fi m'inna e dark
Buddy up mi cyan find fault
Face nuh mash up like when car right off
Tick-tock like ah clock inna e dance
Panty nah fi come off just choice like cross
Bring yuh friend dung inna night time boss
Send ah Lyft cah mi carry five quarts
Five quarts addi JP, plus di grabba dark
Anyweh yuh deh mi deh but anuh stalk mi ah stalkk
Yuh 'ave di style fi mek di bumpa jiggle when yuh walk
Come inna mi life, mek mi give yuh weh yuh want


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