Samba Soul
[Verse 1: Del]
It's Del baby back again now
Shit gone change and it ain't gone change
Wanna play games that's out of your range
I got mad brains, I interpret things

Precisely pick 'em apart, my day start with art
Foul remarks are met with the tart
Attitude, that is rude boy, buddy embark on a journey
Boy, the tumble and dry keep turning

I be burning the midnight oils
Computer screens glaze while my ideas coil
I'm a Leo, I veto my ego
When I greet all my peoples I see through the evil

Can't outfox this, I'm cautious with gob stoppers
Who pop they choppers, uh, uh
No go, I said so
You're flaky like the outside bread on an egg roll

Diesel, the measles, you don't wanna catch those
Slap foes, dap bros, welcome to the black hole of soul
Act now unless you cracked out
My mouth spit math out, hope you don't pass out
And we can do this with a bit of samba soul
I want y'all to really get with it, let it hit your in the soul
Can you dig it, can you dig, can you dig it? Yeah, yeah, yeah
Out of sight, I knew you could
So let's roll and get down with this soul

[Verse 2: Del]
Diesel neither come back or flow back, know that
Cut off a limb this shit grow back
Slicker than kojak, blaze up a drosack
Just so I can get in the Bo black

Hoes that's difficult, shit they pull
Just cause they weak inside, like speaking lies
I'll ignore them, symptom of boredom
Whores come in dozens, plus they a dime a dozen

No time for fronting, better find em something
My motto is don't be saying shit
You don't be doing and you won't be ruined
I don't be fooling, I hope these useless gooses stop the foolishness

They're excuses merely lead to my (what?) inclusive
Clairvoyance about a fear of enjoyment (oh!)
Of hoes trying to snare 'em a billionaire boyfriend
*****, your *****'s not gonna hold me
Mind calisthenics is my whole motif, my flow go deep
Know those streets from the solo creep
No-Doze beats, so don't sleep
That's how you get taken unaware

Aching for a share, hating on a playa
Never wanna look toward, just sit there and look bored
And got the nerve to be materialistic
When knowledge ain't nowhere on their wish list

And then they blow they whole goal
Don't even recognize inside they own soul
And then they blow they whole goal
Don't even recognize inside they own soul


D-E-L the man, you know he'll rock it too
Whenever you hand him a microphone to use
He is down to business, you know that he don't play
So just bear witness to that samba soul he display
C'mon ya'll