Spacious Thoughts
[Intro: Kool Keith]
This is a national message!
N.A.S.A. worldwide!
One... Take the spotlight off me
(Take the spotlight of me)

[Verse 1: Kool Keith]
I remember when the Cubans was first on Broadway
With dark and yellow gold
I was 11 years old
The inspiration was spread out like a blanket, ask em'
My discovery was beyond the pick, the Lee suit, and the afro
Now from the flair jeans on 169th from College
Watching the dude lean on one-seven-o
With a Kangol 'cross America
I saw the hippies cross
By Herc on Technique needles syncopated time was on time
The same time as the Beatles
I was up there watching James Brown's pockets, stuffed with Jolly Ranchers
When the NFL had the Rams in Los Angeles
Charles Finley in Oakland
And my kindergarten moment was the beginning
'Til the Caribbean people came to New York and sheepskin was bought
The wind breaker
[Hook: Tom Waits + (Kool Keith)]
The building never fall down
They are the teeth of the town (spacious thoughts)
They crush us up in they grind
The meat and bone of the mind
We gather here on the block (spacious thoughts)
They key broke off in the lock
I'll meet you down at the well
I'll meet you down at the well (spacious thoughts)

[Verse 2: Tom Waits]
My balloon drops down at midnight
Stranglin' the monkey with the hands of a clock
Good can't help but do a little evil
Evil can't help but
Do a little good
Who's that singing in the kitchen by the stove?
All aboard for the night train!
They say the moon, it smells just like a cherry bomb
Come on home
All is forgiven
Everything costs
Deliver us from evil
And carry your own cross

[Verse 3: Kool Keith]
The time gathered with poppy seeds and grass
Growing nobody faster than Jesse Owens
With everything I'm seeing and knowing
London Heathrow
Walking through the airport with green Pro-Keds
Sixty-niners from the designers
Tom McCann above the hill
Next to my man, Lou Man
The cardigan sweaters
The still sell the New Eras now at Jew Man!

[Verse 4: Tom Waits]
Ghetto Bhudda in the second set
Breaking out in a cold sweat
I'll meet you in the music
We meet in the music
Those we never met
Keep dancing like there's nobody watching
Everyone can win the toss
I may wander, bit I am never lost