Hip Hop
[Hook : Fatlip & KRS-One & SlimKid3]

Give me [X4]
Give me some of that Hip Hop, Hip Hop
Baby baby [X3]

[Verse 1 : Fatlip]
Where the Hip Hop go?
The freestyle flow
The beats that bring your fist to your face
Like oh sh*t
Make you hold your d**k
Golden era hits
I try to tell these kids
Respect the architect
But all y'all want to collect the check
See this beat here will hurt your neck
You gotta put in work to catch the rec
See when I first started
I was whole-hearted
But now the game became dearly departed
Billboard charted
Artists get retarded
When them checks come
I still expect some
Russell Simmons for president
Let's elect him
Whose the next to cope with the new ish
It's the n***a you wish Fatlip is
Fresh and replenished

[Verse 2 : KRS-One]
So let's go with the flow
Of a older pro
Y'all know at the show
All you hear is oh!
And Whoa!
And of course Ho!
Hey yo turn up my flow
I am Hip Hop
You don't know
You too slow
Hey bro I'm dope
Because I say so
I seek truth like Plato
And kick a** like Kato
There ain't no MC or rapper
With this flow
Y'all just wanna get dough
But loves gonna get yo
I spit slow
Hit low
Bring dope from the get-go
When rapper walk past the blast
They tip-toe
Your chick know
And your your pick know
Spirit of of my sick flow
Will open your mind really quick yo
I'ma switch flows clothes
While your switch clothes and ho's
Then you wonder why KRS goes off at shows
I stay on my toes as Hip Hop goes from the under
Welcome to Hip Hop culture

[Verse 3 : SlimKid3]
We used to hold down
With the thunder sound
And beats and rhythm
And gather round in the cipher
To get down
Give it all you got
N***a puttin your sh*t down
But now a days it funny
How they don't say sh*t now
Power to people
Pioneering this sh*t
Ripping the main brain aim
To get ahold of these chips
From anonymous tips
Keeping the Hip Hop ripping
When the needle skips
And inject soul affection
Like collagen lips (*lip smacking*)
Polish and perfect for the circuit
As the Cadillac dips
Lacing the track makes you wanna take it back, what
I didn't know you was gonna lock that sh*t like that, what
Some skills we never lack when you got
Hot sh*t they wanna ride piggy back
But when you lack
Everything fades to black
And as Hip Hop
It will drive you crazy
Say what say what?
Baby baby

Said a baby baby
Give me [X4]
Some of that
Give me, give me
Baby baby
Good ol [X6]
Hip Hop
From the old school to the new school
You know how we do
It's all so cool
You know who I be
It's the F-A-R-M
The farmer man ain't coming back
Not yet
Go try to take them back to the farm