2 On / Thoughtful
[Hook: 4AM]
I love to get on, I love to get 2 on
I love to get on, I love to get 2 on

[Verse 1: 4AM]
Uh, She tells me use no jimmies
'Cause this whip got her thinking kiddies
And kiddos always ask me where I get my morals from
But that shits trouble
McDouble went up twenty cents, all I do is vent
Past tense a little less man
Drinking coffee like its water, lifting spirits need a spotter
Caught her with her pants down
Guess we gotta mash now, ass out, PAT
Win a battle with a splash attack, she screamed 'OH!' Thundercats
Never check for a check, step left
'Cause they call me mister right swear you needed my bra

[Hook: Chris Tylers]
I love to get on, I love to get 2 on
I love to get on, I love to get 2 on

[Verse 2: Chris Tylers]
She told me 'I think I love you', square 1
On a treadmill running nowhere
Wants a little Wong that's fair
Need a Xanax, Tylers in the house only spitting facts
Freaking out like Mad Max
Love the game too much, better use the restart
Want another quarter, high on this mushroom, that's a 1UP
'Cause I can't fuck up now, 'cause I fucked her up
So I give her a coat but not talking wool
'cause I'm done with girls who are shy and has her mouthful
CT (x3)
[Hook: NA$A]
I love to get 2, I love to get 2 on
I love to get on, I love to get 2 on

[Verse 3: NA$A]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Abandon ship, pass your boys, and your bitch
Got that Smith & Wesson ink, see my pencils empty clips
These aren't even lines no more, more like a comic strip, on a comet in my closet on a sonic shopping trip
And my shoes are from the future, the cardigan is fuchsia the ladies work at Hooters
The whip got ray fins like a barracuda
Fuck your bus, I ain't in a Benz I'm on a scooter
This is AB, and I'm breaking criteria
Sticking to your boys like the flow is bacteria
Stick to your toys like pancakes and syrup
Sending them money like kids in Nigeria
I'm finally free, so get the bell out
I get dressed up, even just to take the mail out
I sell out a quarter machine, [?]
No navy-marine, but sailing on a boat
See me hop out of the spaceship, prepare for invasion
Entering your brain, like linear equations
Armani, Pilate, every dinner order Cajun
Talking magic stuff like David Blaine was at my table