Cdot Honcho

"Too Fast"

Noah in his bag, b*t*h

Smackin' on your b*t*h ass‚ she say my car go too fast
The auto got extensions because it spit out too fast
And we smokin' eggrolls‚ that lil' sh*t go out too fast
He tried to run‚ he just fell on his sh*t, them hollows coming too fast
That b*t*h stay playin' 'bout lettin' you hit, I just took her down so fast
I'm walking around with thighpads‚ living like a grandad
At your door when it's not Halloween, I'm off the gas and promethazine
Foenem'll still shake sh*t like a tambourine
Open your sh*t like a magazine

[Verse 1]
With a magazine, you was left there with an empty magazine
Wire with that strap shoot down a limousine
Dolce sweats or Mike Amiri jeans
Ayy‚ I'm in love with that money, can't nobody intervene
Souped up truck fly past, Aberdeen
Never tie her down if she wanna leave
That b*t*h, she wanna hit, tryna hit was a breeze
I'm living like a n***a finna die any minute
Therefore my n***as on every car moving
Just in case we gotta let it ride any minute
And my kicks size forty-three, they all European
I'm into black hoes, mixed, and Puerto Ricans
I'm high as the top of the building
Hit her, left her at the Hilton
I ball, see me on the Wilson
Matter fact, catch this ho filmin'
Every VV on me shining
Stop talking, you ain't sliding
I don't drive it, I be flying
You couldn't see it, you too behind
Took your ho and f**ked her mind
Sent her off, ain't waste no time
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