Billy Joel

"Prince Akeem"

[Intro: Mike Posner]
David Banner, they
Good  mornin'
This  that alarm clock song
I made it for you to wake up to

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
You  know I came to rip the scene apart
My  whole life is a piece of art (Oh)
And this is just a brush stroke (Oh)
I  made it in the biz they said was cutthroat (Oh)
I'm gettin' where I wanna be, but honestly
I can't even tell if that's really where I wanna be
I'm not a commodity, I am on a odyssey
Used  to be a wannabe, now I'm what I wanted to be, woo
I'm a underdog, dawg, I'm Ralph Naderin'
Followin' my intuition now and that's a major win
I'm Taylor Swift mixed with Ruth Bader Gins'
Liberation is the flavor that I'm savorin', it's mmm
Fake breasts and makeup, they don't turn me on
Life is a game and, yes, the journey's long
Growing my beard was just like me puttin' my jersey on
Coach K saw the light in me early on

[Interlude: Mike Posner & Coach K]
Oh, you don't believe?
Mike Posner, boy, is he talented, I mean
That's from '08
Yeah, he's so talented
What up, Nolan?
Jon, go get 'em, woo

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