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Josiah Williams

"Live in Fear (Bray Wyatt) [Remix]"

[Josiah Williams - Verse:]
I see a whole lot of sheep in the field
People are reeking and seeking a thrill
Funny how the world turns away from the man
Who's got it all sitting in the palm of His hands
Searching for something that they'll never find
Walking in places where the sun never shines
Walking in circles, and what does it cost?
Constant reminder - a paradise lost

I ain't like y'all, I'm different
I'm the answer to everything missin'
All of my plans have an affinity
And it sings like an intricate symphony

I know this world is infected
Looking for a cure, I know the one
There's a whole lot of carnage and wreckage
If you ain't ready for it, then you better run

[Mark Crozer - Hook:]
He won't see the sun again for years to come
He's broken out in love

[Josiah Williams - Outro:]
Yeah (x6)
Wrestle flow, flow, flow, yeah

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