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"Clockin' C-Notes"

[Intro: Soopafly]
Aw yeea, ha ha ha, yeea
Just when you thought it was gonna stop we back in yo' motherf*cking ass
Soopafly, Made Men, Dogg Pound Gangstas
D-A-Z, Tray Deee, know what I'm saying?
Kurupt, what's happening?
It that real life gangsta sh*t
Check it out

Oh damn, I almost forgot - I gotta go back home and get my two extra clips
For these n*ggas that be talking sh*t
See, I don't think these n*ggas understand me - I pledge allegience...
To kill their army for no reason

[Antonio Twice Thou]
Yeah, they gon feel this Beretta pop, vendettas never stop
I walked with a Glock, 17 when the weather drops
You want to flex with this next sh*t?
Bring your best sh*t, you f*cking with machine gun specialists

[Mr. Gzus]
n*gga, to the death of this, no mask, click it and blast
Bout to blow while your powederkeg escelate, defuse it late when I mash
Throw the thing in the stash, proceed to steppin
To make a motherf*cker bleed, succeed with whippin

[Daz Dillinger]
And we blast 'em motherf*ckers who be snitchin and tippin

[Hook: Tray Deee]
We Made Men
Slayin punk n*ggas just cavemen
Act up, we spray them
Matching since we came in
All the way to get two G's, see the...
Ray Benzino with Mr. Gzus Clockin' C-Notes
All my n*ggas throw up they sh*t, like a G though
b*tches get nothin but di*k, and the heave-ho
Pack up while I stack my grit, check the steel-o
Pushin weight state to state, like a kilo
We Made Men, motherf*ckers

[Soopafly talking]
Aw yeea, and that's how we do it
Y'all don't want none of this
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, here we go

[Mr. Gzus]
See we on some on sound Dogg Pound Gangsta sh*t
You on some f*cking child pranksta sh*t
If you can't throw thangs you can't hang - raise the f*ck up
You might find yourself stuck up, then f*cked up

It's 2 o'clock, I'm around the corner from this n*ggas crib
Waitin to kill this b*tch for some sh*t he did
I think I hear this n*gga comin down the street with his music bangin
It's time to leave his brains hangin

[Antonio Twice Thou]
Word, how y'all n*ggas tryin to creep up?
Like we won't let the heat bust, 3 fuss make you eat dust
Platinum Cuban around your throat
A Made Men neck tie - that's all she wrote


Use your weapon, my lethal left hand.. blows are fatal
I won't betray you, my dog it's time to rearrange you
It's time to ride you, the same n*ggas who dispise you.. are still breathin
Oh Lord I give you good reason to let my n*gga come back to ride one more mission
Like my Soul's given, the situations Hell driven
RSO, murder episode on that 10 starring DPG and the undisputed Made Men!

[Mr. Gzus]
Made Men murdering, brought back veteran
Little black menace, to squeeze on sets again
Slangin and bangin since the age of 10
Bad seed specimen grown into men
Fast cash, fast life livin like that
Plus whip, big gat and on the cage and at the crap that
Undiscript, violent, circle then we run you
A bomb and you wakin and another life is take in

[Antonio Twice Thou]
It's all enough an, stick somethin, spit somethin
Hit somethin, if you see some sh*t comin.. start gunnin
Fully automatic thunder, shoot me - truth'lly leave 1000 in ya
Have it your way like Burger King, the murder king
Murdering your first string, first to bring the war
Got the 6 saw with tail squeeze it real frequent
Watch ya f*ckin mouth when your speakin


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, biotch
All my n*ggas, throw it up now
Say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
Say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
f*ck that sh*t (f*ck that sh*t!)
Say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
Say "b*tch" (b*tch!)
Say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
Say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
All my ganstas say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
All my n*ggas say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
All my b*tches say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)
All the homies say "f*ck that sh*t" (f*ck that sh*t!)

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