NLE Choppa


Huh? Huh? Huh?

I ain't gon' say too much when a n***a speakin' on that hot sh*t
f**k the police 'cause them b*t*hes ain't gon' stop sh*t
Oppositions mad, if they play they gettin' popped quick
Flyest n***a in the game, yeah, I'm a c*ckpit
Posted on Camelot with a hundred some shottas
I be swimmin' with the sharks, lil' n***a, you a lobster
Bullets heat a n***a up, like he eatin' on some pasta
And shout out to Kingston, I keep me some Rastas

[Verse 1]
My n***as trappin' out the bando, shout out to the Migos (The Migos)
If a n***a knock wrong, shoot him through the peephole (Grrah)
The trap always open, b*t*h, we ain't never closed
We movin' them packs and we movin' them kilos
Step one, step two, do my dance in this b*t*h
Got a hundred some drums like a band in this b*t*h

Man, she keep on b*t*hin', all that naggin' and sh*t
Ho, shut the f**k up and just gag on this d**k
I'm a side n***a, and I love when she swallow
If her n***a say something, hit him with a hollow
That glizzy (Yeah), knock your meat out your taco (Your taco)
Flexin' on these b*t*hes, they call me Johnny Bravo
School of hard knocks, let me take you to class
My b*t*h is real skinny, but she got a lot of ass
I love counting money, I get a lot of cash
If you try to take it from me, his toe gon' have a tag, yeah
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