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NLE Choppa


Lyrics from Snippet

Eh-eh-eh-eh, eh-eh, wow-wow, wow-wow
(Yeah, go dummy, Kyle)
Eh-eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh-eh
(Palaze, what you cookin'?)
Eh-eh, oh-oh, oh

My biggest fear is being left all alone
I'm sincere when I admit my wrongs
I hope my do's outweigh all my don'ts
I tell you to leave, that's not what I want (Not what I want)
I'm prayin' everyday, life is hard (Life's hard)
I really fired it, you know that I'm scarred (Know I'm scarred)
It hurt me deep 'cause you aimed at my heart (At my heart)
Up this Glock, got anybody paranoid (Brrt)

Treat my feelings with weed so I'm gone in a daze (On a daze)
If I don't get attention then I might misbehave (I might misbehave)
Anxiety, I cried my thoughts all in my brain (In my brain)
Switchin' lanes, everybody drivin' insane (Wow)
It's one step forward and three steps back in this pain
Bae text me like "Where you at?" I'm with the gang (I'm with the gang)
She tell me "Be smart," 'cause you know I go hit a stain (I go hit a stain)
I told her I ain't crashin', got a baby on the way
You got me out my zone, like woah-woah-woah
That love that you showed me, I can't let go
"I got your back forever," that's what a n*gga had told her (What I told her)
You gon' push my son around while he ridin' the stroller
She cryin' on my shoulder...

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