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NLE Choppa

"Untold (Clean)"

NLE Choppa
NLE, Top Shotta **** (Pyroman)
Don dada, yeah, don dada
Ayy, yeah, yeah

Her ***** is wet like the water (The water), she call me a jet ski (A jet ski)
She say that I'm fine, she say that I'm sexy, she wanna *** me (She wanna ****)
Back then I was broke, they called me a joke, and they wouldn't text me (They wouldn't text me, nah)
Now she digestin' my kids like it was *******

*****, I got it out the mud like I'm Lil Baby (Out the mud)
And I got a lot of bodies like I was a ******
If 12 pull me over, I'ma try to race 'em
If he got a lot of bricks, I'ma try to snake him
Kill a *****, put his body in the trunk (Trunk)
Meditated with my gun like a monk (Like a monk)
Murder on my mind, screamin', "Redrum"
Open up your mouth when I'm finna ***
b*t*h, I'm ballin' every season, call me Roddy Ricch (Ricch)
Made an oath to my gang that I won't ever switch
I cut down my grass 'cause I can hear the hiss
My Glock on my hip and it's pokin' out my 'fit
I just copped another Sprinter, it is not a rental (Not a rental)
*****, I'm eatin' Percocets like a chicken tender
Gave a ***** the wood, then she caught a splinter
Rockin' Moncler in the fall and the winter
*****, get up off me, I already ******
You see the doorknob, b*t*h, you better touch it
They say that I'm crazy, my gun, I'm clutchin'
The way I grew up, man, a ***** was rugged
You open your legs but I want you to **** it
Call a ***** MC 'cause you better not touch me
Lay a finger on this chain, I'm uppin' my thang and knockin' your muffin
Diamond on my neck, AP on my wrist
Red dot on my stick, when I up, don't miss
Old dumb *** *** tried to give me a kiss
Smack a ***** in the face, tell her **** this ****
So many Percs, *****, I'm too damn ****
I was so damn **** that I thought that I died
My *****, she a rider like Bonnie and Clyde
One day, swear to God, I'ma make her a bride
Clutchin' my metal, I'm clutchin' my stick
If you run up on me, you get hit with this *****
Got an AR-15 and it might overheat
So a ***** just bought another coolant kit
I'm a big dawg up in the game
You a poodle, I'm a Great Dane mixed with a pit'
And I'm on some Osama Bin Laden **** 'cause a ***** finna tick
Glock on my hip so I limp when I walk
She got my **** on her breath every time she talk
You would think I got AIDS 'cause a ***** too raw
God made me perfect, I ain't got no flaws
Your sack get took, *****, I got your bricks
Got a long ass stick like I'm blind in this *****
If you playin' hide and seek, we gon' find that b*t*h
**** a .30 cal', I got a nine in this *****
Call a ***** Big Snoop 'cause a young ***** Crippin'
And if I catch him slippin', then he come up missin'
I'ma shoot up his house, he gon' die while he *******'
Shoot that boy in the head, he ain't doin' no healin', yeah
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