NLE Choppa


Ayy, ayy, Richard Millie watch, hundred K on the drop
I'm a rich young n***a still running from the cops
n***a go catch a body for these young don dada
Glizzy on me so I limp
You know I'm 'bout murder, I don't do attempts
You better watch the way that you gon' step in this party 'cause we got them Glocks up in here
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, hahaha
'Bout murder
n***a want something, he ain't 'bout no murder
n***a, we really take bodies 'bout a murder (Ferno, you spazzin')
n***a, he ain't never take a f**king body, f**king body (Stardustszn)

Stendo, up with the Glock, let it hang out
Glo' gang chopper, I'ma turn it to a bangout
Real street n***a, I don't say what I know 'bout
Body count stuck 'cause thе opps don't pop out
Send a diss on the net, boy, you work with thе feds
f**k a response, put the cash on his head
My n***a got an F&N and it's red
If you wanted him dead, why you shoot at his legs?
Paid for the body, caught him lacking on the freeway
Shiesty young n***a tripping kids in a relay
Took a n***a gun, wish I had it on replay
City kinda hot so I told cuz C say
Ayy, get back before I bust, this what I'm telling dude
We up with this Glock then I take all your revenue
Wash off my hands in the bleach for the residue
Put that boy in a suit like a n***a was dressing dude
Whole lotta murder when I think in my head
Cover up that body then he lay in the bed
If a n***a say "Huh?" then he heard what you said
My n***as stay vicious, they creep in your shed
I gotta get even, I love doing violence
My n***a pop Percs and it make me a [?]
They playing my songs in the feds and the county
Know you know I'ma kill him if he got a bounty
He is not the gang, get him out of here, pu**y n***a
She say my d**k longer than a horse or deer, listen up
If you want this n***a dead, volunteer, 'cause you know what
We gon' get that pu**y n***a outta here, yeah
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