So Special
[Intro: Nokio & (Sisqo)]
Yeah, baby (Love is so special)
You know there's nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for you
Anything you want
Anything you need (Love is so special)
And even though I'm away sometimes (Love is so special)
And I can't hold you like you want me to
Your love (Love is so special) is so special to me
I love you

[Verse 1: Jazz]
Winter, spring, summer, fall
These four seasons tell it all
Each has a special way
Of saying my love is here to stay, hey
How else can I explain
Than to start with April's rain?
Spring is when I first knew
That I fell you (Oh yeah)

[Chorus: Jazz & (Dru Hill)]
(Your love is so special)
Flowers blooming, bright sunshine
Rainbows shooting across the sky
(Your love is so special)
The sweet fragrance in the air
Reminds me that you care
Your love, baby
(Your love's so special)
Is so special to me
(Sisqo, won't you help me sing)

[Veres 2: Sisqo]
White sands and the islands breeze
Down on the private beach
Moonlit cruises on the sea
With you next to me, oh yeah
Summer time, said it seems so dear
When fall comes it disappears
Early nights and later days
You would never go away, oh yeah

[Chorus: Sisqo & (Dru Hill)]
(Your love is so special)
Holidays and special times
I would always sit and cry, yes I would
(Your love is so special)
Memories would break me down
When you are not around yeah
Your love
(Your love's so special)
Somebody help me sing it
Is so special to me
[Bridge: Jazz & Sisqo]
Like the sands by the sea
The words to a melody
Your love
(Oh, oh)
Yes, I know it
And baby girl, don't you know
That my love will always show
Said I'll always
Woody, take it

[Verse 3: Woody & Sisqo]
Every time that I close my eyes (Alright)
Pray you'll stay right by my side
Your love's so strong that I just can't hide (Tell me)
Tell me can you tell me now
All I see is you and me
Baby, I'm gonna always be
Yours until the end of time
So say that you'll be mine

And no matter what they say
My love won't fade away, oh no
Girl, your love, it feels so right
Gonna love you all my life, yeah
[Bridge: Sisqo & (Dru Hill)]
Said I know (I know)
That I (That I)
(Girl, this is how I will live my life)
Said always (Always)
Always, yeah (Always)
(I'm willing to make that sacrifice)
Said your love (Your love)
Said your love, yeah
(Oh, your love)
Your love, your love
(Is so special to me)

[Outro: Dru Hill & (Sisqo)]
Love, your love (Yes it is) is so special to me
Love, oh girl, your love is so special to me
(I don't need no one, I don't need no one)
Love, baby, your love is so special to me
Love, oh girl, your love is so special to me