The Beautiful Ones
[Verse 1: Dru Hill With Mariah Carey]
Baby, baby, baby
What's it gonna be?
Oh, baby, baby, baby, yeah yeah
Is it him or is it me?
Oh, don't make me waste my time
Don't make me lose my mind baby, yeah

[Verse 2: Mariah Carey]
Baby, baby, baby
Can't you stay with me tonight?
Oh, baby, baby, baby
Come, on, don't my kisses please you right?
You were so hard to find
The beautiful ones, they hurt you every time

[Verse 3: DeVante Swing]
Paint a perfect picture
And bring to life a vision in one's mind

[Verse 4: Mariah Carey, DeVante Swing & Dru Hill]
The beautiful ones
(The beautiful ones)
Always smash the picture
Always every time

[Verse 5: Mariah Carey & (Dru Hill)]
If I told you, baby
That I was in love with you
Oh, baby, baby, baby
If we got married (Got married)
Would that be cool?
You make me so confused
The beautiful ones
You always seem to lose, baby

[Outro: Mariah Carey & (Dru Hill)]
Baby, baby (Yes baby, yes, baby)
See the beautiful ones
(The beautiful ones)
See the beautiful ones
(The beautiful ones)
(Do you all hear?)
(Do you all mean?)
'Cause I want you
Yes, I mean, I want you
Oh, yeah, baby
I want you, oh yeah
(I want you)
You may not know where I'm going, baby
I may not know, said I may not know
Said you may not know
But I mean what I mean
But one thing, one thing is certain, baby
I know what I want
And that's to please you, baby, to please you, baby
The one thing is I want you I want you
I need you oh so bad, so bad
I want you
[Outro: Mariah Carey & Dru Hill]
Why, oh, why?
Why, oh, why?
Why, oh, why?
Baby, why, oh, baby, baby, baby
The beautiful ones
You wanna love me, love me
Or you wanna throw me away
I gotta know
I gotta know, baby
Gotta know, baby, baby, baby
Baby, baby, baby
I need you
Baby, baby, baby
I want you
Tell me why
The beautiful ones
They hurt you every time