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K Suave

"Moan (Demo)"

[Intro: K Suave]
Ah, ah

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
Shawty really trippin', she just called me bae
I don't want her love, I just want her face
I don't really want the love and I can never fake
f**k her from the back and put that sh*t on tape
Oh, oh
I'ma make her moan, moan, moan
f**k her, make her, moan, moan, moan
I'ma hit it, make her moan, moan, moan

[Post-Chorus: Trippie Redd]
She can't control herself
I just put her in Chanel
I make her moan, scream, and yell
I hit it from the back, I did

[Verse: K Suave]
Hit it from the back, that's your girl
Put the b*t*h in designer and some pearls
And I'm real slime, diamonds on my neck shinin'
She love my music, it's timeless
Throwin' hundreds, no dollars
Killin' her, I demolish, I'm in her nails like polish (Yeah)
High as f**k like a pilot, Evel Knievel
Flows like The Beetles, b*t*h, this CELINE, not Tito's
She all in love, b*t*h, I'm ballin' in my prime
She wan' fall and that's fine, beat it in, break her spine
I'm the sh*t, one of a kind
I'm in her head, like, "Babe, what's on your mind?" (What's on your mind?)
I'm tryna f**k on your cousin, I don't bite
Yeah, I'm tryna f**k on that b*t*h, I don't wan' wife
But the neck was so damn good, she sucked me twice (Ah, ah)
Yeah, yeah, she know what's up, bro, what's up?
Pull up on your b*t*h, like, "Hop up in my whip" (Zoom, zoom)
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