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Kill Bill x Rav


[Verse 1: Kill Bill]

Waves start crashing into walls
Read between the lines, I be captioning my calls
Life is little monsters, try to capture into balls
Rappers think they slick until I trap ‘em in my jaws
.45 gun tucked, sorta live, summed up
b*tch I get it slapping like 45 nunchucks
Hoe, I think I’m young buck
Shorty wanna ride with me
Old school as stickers on Atlanta 59Fifty’s
My city vibe with me, bricks on the boards, hoe
Hot as brick ovens while your sh*t’s so digiorno
Slip through the core slow
Inhale the dope, let it drift through your torso
f*ck it, what’s the budget
See, me and Rav playing Dreamcast and passing blunts
It’s 2 AM, could you please pass the Captain Crunch
Dap me up, face first, what the business is
Burning up the block, homie had to get the biscuit in
f*ck the pigs, turn the Sargent into brisket bites
I only like to write rhymes when I’m p*ssed at life
(i write a lot of f*ckin’ rhymes lately, dawg)
(but anyway)

[Hook: Kill Bill and Rav]
See, me and you got a thing we gotta speak about
(speak about, speak about, speak about, speak about)

[Verse 2: Rav]

All life been hardline for art time, i ghost
Your time is part time i oft try enclose
But won’t lie, i’ve strolled by my whole life in low light
You alright, but not me
Adopt peace and lone fight
This c*ckpit got no pilot
Long reach like a known pirate
Follow speeches of fallen titans and spark trees where the f*ck i like it
Ooh, i think they mad, Bill
Cause Bill and Rav ill
Our songs make your girl pop her booty like it’s Advil
Rolling on down a hill
What the hell? who let the demons out?
Broken up out they cells, talking about themselves, they speaking bout
All of they f*cking ills, on about how they feel, their feelings drown you
Showing you what is real, show you what it really be about
See me and you got a thing we’ve got to speak about
So down the blunt, turn this up and blow your speakers out

[Sample: Cowboy Bebop]
The Van: Remember, a snake can not eat a dragon

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