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[Verse 1: Afourteen]
In case you haven't heard it yet, I been through [?]
Ripping out my hair, and you shine it like you wanna look cool
It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, yeah, it's fine
b*tch, I hope you fall right on your face and then you f*cking die
And what you doing, where you going, how you feeling with him?
I hope you full to the brim with [?] and sh*t
And then one day, it come down dark and f*ck it , you act a prick
I guess that we switched places, because lately I'm feeling voracious
And every day, b*tch, I'm filled with this hatred of myself
All myself, I sabotage myself
All myself, I f*cking hate myself
All myself, I f*cking hate myself
Turn myself, I f*cking hate my-
Oh, oh my god, what am I finna go do?
I finna do nothing, there's nothing that I finna do
I lived my whole life and it can't get sh*tter
Spent a whole week on the goddamn sh*tter
Pour one up, f*ck up my liver
Forehead show [?] can't
Now what are you more attached to?
Figurines looking like a statue
To them big booties patting at you
Not a pretty b*tch in the classroom

[Verse 2: Eddison]
And she suck my di*k in the bathroom
With a teacher in her classroom, and I shoot up the b*tch with pharmaceuticals
[?] with my di*k out
She suck it til the p*ss out of it
In person, slap whores, get a kick out of it
I don't work anymore like a b*tch, yuh
I got gang around me, that's it
Boy, you sweet like a pus*y
I'm in yo habitat, b*tch, and you ain't gonna do sh*t to me

[Verse 3: Bruhmanegod]
I'm in your damn function and you ain't gon do nothin
f*ck your scary face they hate, and they go for guts
You not a friend of the Spiders if you don't pull funds
I see a lot of sh*t get hit, I feel a lot of frisky sh*t
I get it and go, no killing [?]
f*ck! is what i say when i stay grimy on it
I don't like how it sounds, better prepare for combat
I got a f*cking stick if you believe me, I'ma use it
Man, these kiddies wanna be me
Of course
f*ck the party, I'm recording in the bathroom
I just popped a molly, I'ma f*ck you in the ass too
Which one of you motherf*cking b*tches got the crack rock?
Which one of you motherf*cking b*tches want a feature?
Which one of you motherf*cking hoes got the crack cocaine?
I don't have no names, I don't play no games with my nose
I just wanna smoke on a bowl with some hard white stones, right

[Verse 4: Johnnascus]
Round and around and around and around and around and around...
Round and around and around and around
I don't even know what to f*cking talk about, so i die, so i die
Baby, talk about how I been filthy in it all week, all week
Why do I have to try?
We're decked in space, drifting
We are nothing
We are notihng

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