Audrey Mika


No (oh, oh, oh)
No (oh)
Young love
It's always the rush that makes me feel alive

[Verse 1]
In love
With someone in a band, no I can't wait to tell my kids
I've broken hearts and I've told you so many times (oh so many times)
That I hate the feeling, the feeling (oh oh oh oh...)

I'm telling you is it true that I like the fact that you like me
Tell me the truth and I'll tell you how I feel
Hold me close and don't let go but
Before you leave I just wanted you to know
I just feel so blessed when I'm next to you

So keep it in your old shirt pocket I'll
Tell you that i'll Listen to what you don't know
Hold me close and don't let go tonight
Cause I feel so blessed oh oh oh(feel so blessed, oh oh oh)
I feel so blessed, young love
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