Lyrics from Snippet:

Keep climbing, keep climbing
Keep climbing, keep climbing
I seen the other side of the mountain
Keep climbing, keep climbing

Yeah, I heard 'bout Ahmaud, the weight on me
It's crazy to think in America freedom ain't promised
They sayin' just wait on it
It's easy to say as a white man that it's not okay
Imagine you inside a system that never give love, what you gon' say?
How can we be so blind when this world [?] online?
This for my time to speak to the people that think it's okay to see black folk die
What if your son died and they told you, "Momma, don't cry"
Please do not fall for the lie, now I see the other side
God, I want 'em all alive, God, I want 'em all alive

[?] to the other side
I live my life like it's my only life
Who knew [?] with your darkest trials
Done runnin' from it, I done made up my mind
I made up my mind
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