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"Fallen Angel"

[Chorus: UPSTAIRS]
I came up, been beastin
No peace and heart pieces
No slow down, head leaning
No breathin, in the deep end
I came up, out the basement
Now I'm ragin, ain’t no savin
You a bad b*tch, with no halo
Now she f*ck me in the attic, Fallen Angel
Drop it for a n*gga get that bankroll
She a foreign gimme sloppy in Tobago
You my drug treat your body like Ibiza
You my baby put that pus*y in a cradle
10 hunnid b*tches, need replacements
10 hunnid thumbin blue faces
She the devil wearin’ Prada and Marc Jacobs
Cut me off now its bloody on my laces

[Verse: Bennex]
She don't like it, when I don't text back
Smoking G glue inside a G class
Not talkin' money then, beg your pardon
I don't even rap I'm just artist
Rockin' Bape like i got it at Marshalls
Addys got me geekin' feeling like Arthur
Dining with the richest, I got good posture
And all you fake ass n*ggas rockin' costumes

[Chorus: UPSTAIRS]

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