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[Intro: Tommy Genesis & Rilès]
Oui c'est comme ça, haha
Comment tu dis "Let it go"
Laisse aller
Laisse aller, uh, c'est meilleur comme ça
b*t*h I'm 'bout to let that b*t*h go

[Verse 1: Rilès]
Let it go
Take some drugs
Let it f**k you up (Oh yeah, f**ked up)
Real slow, slow (Slow, slow)
Let it go (Go, go)
Take some, drugs
Let it f**k you up
Real slow (Listen, I think we have a problem)
Man big, too tight, wow
Shook, I feel my bones
Looking inside, I know
Getting outside, I know
My b*t*h, lookin' like Kylie Jenner, uh
God, I never wanted better, uh
I'm tryna get sentimental
Tryna give it up, don't let 'em
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