Bobby Womack

"Stimulus Check"

The things that keeps a smile on a face
Save the pain that made you feel better every day
That boy Cash

[Verse 1]
Evil in the air, I can feel it
This prophecy cookin' in my head like a skillet
Streets saying talk to 'em, hope them n***as listen
Just 'cause you iced out your cross, nah, that don't make you a Christian
The lord be talkin' through me, but that don't make me a prophet
Mind them folks done cut the lights off, the f**k we need a socket
They tryna get a n***a vote, n***a 'bout to sell dope
Another twelve months of quarantine, n***a goin' broke
Can't even lie to ya, I don't f**k with government
They be thinkin' sh*t sweet, I don't f**k with double mint
Y'all ain't got no evidence, why you at my residence?
Blessings on blessings y'all, plus my lawyer's Heaven sent
Be a quiet n***a, don't get upset
Wait on your stimulus check

One time baby, for your mind baby
Help is coming though, I think they lying baby
Seen it on the news, n***as dyin' baby
They ain't hiring tho, heard they firin' baby
One time baby, for your mind baby
I just seen the mailman, that's a sign baby
I just left the bank, it's a line baby
Don't know the whole truth, we in the blind baby
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