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"Wanna Create"

[Verse 1]
Sit down, look up, close my eyes and daydream
Should I make a video, write a song or stream
These ideas in my head, they won’t leave me alone
Only thing that I’ve known, gotta get it done

Gotta get it out, no doubt, focus on my mind
Remind myself how I’m gunna be just fine
Don’t decline, ignore the drama, just grind
Make a sound and hope to get found, not fined

The simplest things can get COPPAcated
When we want the same things but look to outdated
Unsophisticated laws, deciding what’s created
Unsubstantiated for the sake to regulate

We debate violation required to be reliant
But lack the right tools, to keep us compliant
We don't misrepresent or have any intent
All we wanna do is make content

I just wanna, I just wanna, just wanna create
Put together something great
To be fair, I don’t care, about your affair
So pardon if I can’t relate

I just wanna, I just wanna, just just wanna create
No intent to debate
Move aside the politics, I’m just tryin’ to get my kicks
So let me set the records straight

[Verse 2]
Energy’s down, get up, pacing in despair
How can I learn to focus when I need to prepare
I’m a sole-proprietor, so I need to perform
Except the platform, doesn’t care to help

Doesn’t care about me, just another liability
Gone if no longer, viable commercially
Get screwed, lawyer up and get sued
It’s no longer about you on Youtube

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