"Dark Knight"

What's poppin'?
Comin' up like I'm Bobby
Under pressure like Logic
Rap is all that I got, I do not have other options
One direction I follow
I ain't speaking 'bout a boy band
Talking 'bout makin' it outta
Hopelessness, when I was broke as sh*t without a dollar
Cold winters in Chicago
This the city of Gotham
Without Batman and Robin
No one's saving you but God, this-
Life's a b*t*h so I pipe the chick and unfollow
Off the grid so quit calling
Me, no signal, so don't copy
They compare me to Marshall
Once again, I don't copy
How much more of a martian
Shoot for stars, I go Apollo
Houston, we have a problem
Momma's workin' too many hours, think it's time she retire
I'm about to hit the lotto, get it poppin' like a tire
Kill the mic, word to Myers
Music's hot, I perspire
Lil b*t*h, I'm on fire
Hella nice when I'm rhymin'
Lines are tight like some flyers
Flow deeper than a fryer
Think I need to call a diver
Words delivered like a pizza box with a driver
This single's 'bout to Kris Kringle my bank account when it breaks out like MacGyver
Stranger things 'bout to happen, situation's so dire
Will motherf**kin' Byers, comin' down to the wire
Not a man, I'm a giant
Buildin' my whole empire
Haters try to get excited
Plus she was made outta iron
They throw shade, I'm still shining
I'ma take 'em to the bayou
Catch a fade like you Caillou
Lord forgive me for what I do
Your b*t*h getting super smashed, like she was Zelda on Hyrule
What's poppin'
I been
Chillin' up in my c*ckpit
More fly than a pilot
Other words, I'm on top, the flight attendants wanna try it
Suck my d**k in the sky till, like the bird, they gon' swallow
Think I'm in the Mile-High club
Call 'em Mary when the f**kin' cherry gets to poppin'
Umbrella with the stockings
I make cheese, I make dollars, mozarella and cottage
Enemies get demolished, like Khabib did to Connors
So strong with my headlock, someone needs to get a locksmith
Referee, call the stoppage
b*t*h, I ball like I'm Giannis
Fling the rock like I'm Rogers
When dropping back in the pocket
I'ma pass around the knowledge
Lyrically, I'm a scholar
You would think you was in college
Listenin' to me outspoken like Joe Rogan on his podcast
Hulk Hogan, I'm a monster
Opposition I conquer like Eminem killing Ja Rule
Over Hailey, no comment
Body bag and no comment
We have nothin' in common
I don't snitch, I don't comment
You like 6ix9ine in bondage
We have nothin' in common
Like Israelis and Saudis, we have nothin' in common
Like Obama and Donald, we have nothin' in common
Chick-fil-A to McDonald's, raw dog to a condom
We have nothin' in common
Just me, it's not you too, and no Bono
Still I started from the bottom, word to Drizzy in Toronto
Used to work for the sopranos
Pizza box and gelato
I was really blue collar
Had the heart of a lion
Sang, "Hakuna Matata"
This for mama and papa
Sarabi and Mufasa
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