"Goodbye (Silvic Remix)"

We all got them demons, But y’all haven’t seen them
World to Luke Gawne, The genius of there Rhythm
I know that people’s word’s can turn one evil
Sometimes without a Mac
They still lethal
Growing up, out of place, out of mind, Homicide
Mama cries and everybody’s traumatized
Like frick, he’s going out of mind
Voices in his head, monsters under the bed
To keep us up at night, But who is he though?
Why care if he does go?
You wanna know the truth?
His heart’s been broken, so he’s drinking, And Cutting, and I just want him to know
Just becausе your not in a relationship doesn’t mean you arе alone
You got friends that you can call up on your phone
And I’m one of them and just let that be known
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