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Witchouse 40k



[Warlord Colossus]
I been seeing death inside my sleep
Sever my soul, come to reap, silhouette cloaks scythe slice the sheet
I’m so indecisive
Can’t you see, I'm just plummeting and suffering and crumbling
Raging hungering, destruction plummeting
Stop ya staring, my super powers blaring, enhancing speakers wrecking marriage
Sleepy hollow bloody carriage
I’m the savage so I better find my balance ya
Came from the bottom I did this myself
Open the spells and I learned it myself
Master the energy did it myself
And im learning to manifest
Cutting the negative
Attracting the wealth
Death is coming, f*ck it I’ll do it myself
I’m just spitting cyphers like the viper, rattle cages, time machine travel spaces
This my story never come to kill, travel silent hill ya

[Witchouse 40k]
"Travel silent hill yuh" x8

Everybody stuck inside of a mental cage, enslaved to these simple lies, follow me the though the maze
I am amazed, been up for days, searching for answers
Inside of a cave
Dogon tribe, sirius I reside, planet X up in the sky
Chemtrails spreading fluoride
Are we gonna die?
Weather manipulation, no this ain’t no f*ckin lie
Got machines creating clouds, we’ve done it now
Toxic precipitation, effecting wow
Blood shed on my conscious, I want this government to be dead Let’s start this I’m heartless
But these f*cks made me the way I am, sex trafficking of children damn, blowin up like its 9-11, tote ya weapon
Conscious shift while that date equals 11
11:11, the awakening code
Souls unfold in a cosmic circle, Fibonacci code
"oh no" energy overload
Study gods and sh*t, we are all prophets b*tch
Binaural frequencies, enter my chakras b*tch
Holy Ajna, 3rd eye up to Allah
Project to Shambala, Ascend to nirvana
We are gods in our own way, yuh
Create today, just break away from these small things
Simple methods got you motherf*ckin trapped
Open up ya inner eye, time to take our souls back

[Witchouse 40k]
Reincarnated a mage, a maze up inside of my brain
A labyrinth I can't get away, so I write it down on a page, setting flame to all my pain aye
Tattoo the skin on my face, mama thinks I'm a disgrace never changing my ways
Head to LA, pull up we coming to fade, coming to fade ya
Animals cannot be tamed, cut for your veins, looking like I am insane
This ain't a game, chopping the choppa, AK on the bottom is a blade
Ice on your wrist, I got flames
Your b*tch a zombie the way that she giving me brain, aye
She biting my neck for the pain aye, biting the vien of my dame
Psilocybin in my gut, hash bricks in a blunt, lucid dreaming through the mud, RED RUST in my cuts
Yeah b*tch, I'm the witch god with a flintlock, f*ck sh*t
Got a dead cop in a croc pot
Red dots up in my coffin now my coffins full of shots
On your block, sipping souls, while we hunting down the opps
Ashes on my guap, bone drop on the rocks
Graveplot Nephilim manifesting all the energy, indigo talk
b*tch what

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