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Witchouse 40k


[Witchouse 40k]:
Body drop, drop you like a blackhawk
Chopper like a hacksaw never take your flak off or get shot/
Got bullet bags ready for the cash drop, hit me for the pass off
b*tch i am my own boss no masters

Aye all black fit, patches of my letterman
12 be knocking but you know i never let them in
Pull up hit em wit K, ahhh
Glock clip in the safe, ahhh
Glock click at yo face, ahhh
Hollowtips in your brain, ahhh
I am the archangel archangel dark angel wing have been ripped bulletholes in my chest
I am the stargazing soul snatching witch and I shoot like the pacers im always a threat/
b*tch i am the prophet, f*ck it ill load your coffin up with bodies imma stock it up, key on my chain I lock it
Got my hand up in your pocket, you hoe, imma rip out your bones hit a lick on your soul like a ghost

Pull up with that llama
Lethal with that choppa
Rest in peace no drama
Take yo life, bad karma
Keep em away cause ain't no body safe
Boy talkin hot then he finna get sprayed
Bullets be bouncin' and bodys be droppin'
Draco deliverin' death im not stoppin'
Ghost in the shell im an army of one
Crown me the king cause I bow down to none
Kakashi they copy, they all are my sons
Cut out their tounges and I drown em blood
God and the devil, im one in the same
Sinizter-Apex remember my name
Lead you to death like a moth to the flame
You lookin' timid im takin your dame
Pull up with the thirty and i get to spraying
Thirty three shots in this Glock i ain't playing
Flex on the gram like a g you roleplayin
Pentragram on me and you get to prayin
Body drop, f*ck the opps/ x4

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