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Gekyume Onfroy

"Roll in Peace 2"

[Verse 1: GEKYUME]
Im gonna sh*t on the floor, cause I'm too good for diapers, huh
I'm not gonna drink my formula, cause it's not Jen's titties, huh
Last time I sucked her tits she told the world I suck to rough for her, huh
And when she stopped feeding me titty milk, I couldn't believe it, huh
Ayy, lil' Cleo, clean my sh*t up
Cause I just threw up on the floor
Then she pat my back, damn, I'm still burping

[Verse 2: GEKYUME]
Said I had some trapped gas
Remember when I had that umbilical cord, huh
Then the doctor cut it off, now I thank the Lord, huh
I am Gekyume Onfroy, huh
Why Cleo post a pic of my feet?! (Ayy)

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