"The Trilogy Christmas Story"

Hey girl
It's my favorite time of the year
Our time to get to know you (You)

I can't wait to get you under the mistletoe (So many places people to see)
Just can't wait, just can't wait

Laughter fills the air
Decorations in place
Approaching midnight Christmas Eve
Plenty of gifts underneath the tree
I don't care 'bout gifts 'cause
'Cause my gift is you
No wrapping paper, no fancy bows
Only you and me, just know, just know

We can deck the halls
Make Angels in the snow fall (Fall, fa la la la, la la la la)
Hark how the bells, sweet sweet silver bells
Oh how the Wise Men sing (Ohhhh)
Oh how the Wise Men sing

Today is a holiday
Sugar plums, candy canes
No greater feeling than being with you
Christmas is here, let's rejoice and cheer
Celebrating the gift of life
Next to the girl that I love
The stockings hung by the fireplace
Lights are dim, barely see your face (Your face)
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