"The Deep South"

Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's a holiday up in this b*t*h, woop-woop-woop
Yeah, yeah, yeah, aye

I was about to relapse
Told me that there's someone else
Told me that it was our love
You put it all on the shelf
You put it all in the draws
Yeah it be our love from the deep south
Love from the deep south, yeah
I know that you straight from hell
Yeah you're bad for me, you know you're not from my cell (Wait)
I think I'm talking to my mind, talking to myself (Huh)
Damn the drugs I'm taking they takin' away my health (Ya)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Ok pop a perc with a drink, yеah I was feelin' good
Then I might pop an X, then I might pop a wood
Don't know what it is, don't know what to take
But I feel a way, on onе I'll feel away
Some other day, I feel okay
Right now I don't so I'll stay away
I am not E3, yeah my heart's not to play
Why don't you see that I am here to stay?
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