"One In A Million*"

Lyrics From Snippet

I know that she's one in a million, yeah

Some reason I'm feeling like I villain
I'm just tryna stack it to the ceilin'
Alright I'm sendin' "f**k how you feelin'"
I don't even know what the deal is
I hope that she's one in a million
I don't really know how you're feelin'
But I know my feelings getting jiggy
Y'all just wanna get into the feelin'

[Verse 1]
Now I'm getting back so I cash out
I don't mean to sound like a brag now
Remember when we met and we fell out?
Now she said "you tried to hit my cell phone"
I put Givenchy on my back just 'cause I get it
She said she like it when she see my diamonds dance
I think that I would put Saint Laurent on my pants
Bounce back and watch my money buy my sh*t
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