Lyrics From Snippet

It's a holiday up in this b*t*h, woop-woop-woop
Oh, woah
Oh, woah
Oh, woah

What has life become? I'm getting 40 a show, wait
40 to aim at your dome, wait
Shawty is givin' me dome, huh, yeah
And what have I become? I feel like I've been alone, wait
Your shawty not what I want, wait
No, she not the one I love, yeah

[Verse 1]
40 my Glock, ok
40 them shots, ok
Creep the block, ok
Skrrt off the lot (Skrrt), yeah
I remember when I was dreamin'
Now it's not even fame that I'm seekin'
I cannot stand all these b*t*hes, they tweakin'
I can't be around these drugs 'cause I'm feigning
I can tell that I'm gon' shine way too bright at night
I'm gettin' bags, I'm making racks, n***a, I might live out a whole different life
Yeah, you gotta make me say it twice...

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