Give Up
[Spoken: Taylor Harris & George Watsky]
"Alright, do you have any inspirational words for Michael?"
"Yeah, just give up... I mean it's..."

[Verse 1: Michael]
Back and forth, back and forth, can't keep standin' in the door
But I just can't figure out what I keep on fightin' for
This motherfuckin' whore, it's just a fuckin' chore
But every time she fuckin' looks at me I'm feelin' sore
I know she thinks of me and what it could have been
Because her boyfriend's beatin' her like I beat pens
Call me a slayer, I'm murderin' tracks
I'm finally standin' up after I was stabbed in the back
And stabbed in the gut, heart, my face was scratched to shit too
You stood up, walked, spread your wings and you flew
Like Icarus, you got to close to the sun
Bitches always forget, what they had was the one

[Spoken: Taylor Harris & Watsky]
"...you have any inspirational words for Michael?"
"Yeah, just give up... I mean it's..."
"There's so many people in the world
They're all working really hard
It's a lot easier to just kind of float by and...
Uh. No. I don't know
H- Enjoy what you do! And... Eat good food!
And... spend time with people who love you
And... occasionally go out of your way to do nice things for people
And you'll probably do pretty well.."
[Verse 2: Michael]
I wanna believe it, I wanna believe it
I wanna listen to your lesson and receive it
But bitches, they keep on doin' this shit
I finally found the one I wanted and after a year she just quit
So, what's next? Do I give up? Do I just cut my losses?
Cause I can't stand, layin' in bed and just tossin'
I can't sleep, cause I'm thinkin' of you
I can't begin to fathom what you made me go through

[Hook: Justus & (BJ The Chicago Kid)]
And it all falls back on me
(I said it all falls down)
Sometimes, somehow, it all falls back on me
(Somehow it always fall back on me)
No matter where we are, no matter what we doing, it's on me
(No matter where we are it's on me)
If it was up to you that's just the way it's always gon' be
(Listen to me)