Rich Girl
[Hook: Hall & Oates]
You´re a rich girl, and you gone too far
´Cause you it don´t matter anyway
You can rely on the old man´s money
You can rely on the old man´s money
It´s bitch girl, but its gone too far
´Cause you it don´t matter anyway
So money money won´t get you too far, won´t get you too far

[Verse 1: Watsky]
Am I the only one who thinks a bit of soul is nice?
Some women suck it from you like the poltergeist
Cause I can tell the time of day without a diamond on my wrist, I give a __ about your rolly's price
I like em bold, and I'll roll the dice
Cause I been crushing on all these crunchy granola types
I'm over being over it and women on a mission got my heart melting like polar ice
I might
Be looking for a little bit of Bay
A little San Francisco in these women in LA
Nothing I can say
And if you're being fake
You should be walking away
I don't play babe
Don't give a damn how low your earrings hang
Your favorite brand, I don't need to hear it, dang
Cause Everybody's born naked and maybe later I'll be licking on your Gucci
And you, rubbing my Vera Wang

[Verse 2: Watsky]
Sooner or later you'll figure out it's a hard world
You could get stronger doing arm curls
But this is a stickup and I'm coming saying break yourself, better give me that heart girl
Just put it in the bag
And if I give it back
Don't put it in the trash
Cause I been looking for a partner with a passion saying
Don't recycle
Don't recycle me
But in this economy
I don't really think it's cute for you to flaunt your property
What about some modesty?
That would be a shock to me
Cause the only time you walk on the block is on a shopping spree
Mother-eff that song and dance
Baby girl there's not a chance
Not unless you wanna grab a coffee in pajama pants
We'll be looking like we just rolled out of bed together
All we really need is you and me

[Officer] You need to go to City Hall to get a permit
[Watsky] Alright
[Officer] You need to stop what you're doing
[Watsky] How much would that permit cost?
[Officer] I don't know, just go to City Hall and talk to a special events organizer and see if they can give you a special permit for that
[Watsky] Okay
[Officer] I'm really sorry
[Outro: Hall & Oates]
So money money won't get you too far, get you too far