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Primrose Ripper

"f*ck You Calli"


Sitting right here harming myself over you
Because I couldn't get enough of you but I f*cking hate you!
Spreadin' all the sh*t that ain't me, who do you want me to be?
I wanted to fix our hate before it was late, but now I'm a clean slate
Why you still hate?(b*tch!)Is it cause I'm taken and your not?(Woo!)
Counting all the days you tried to f*ck it up, better toughen up
Looking like a f*cking white smurf head ass
I bet you always get pass, if you ask,"Smash or Pass"
Watching me hang with my bae, why you try to hate
Sound like a f*cking mouse and have the height of a dwarf!
I'm sitting here thinking, and thinking
About my destiny, ya feel me?
I wish that I never dated yo ass in the first place
I harmed myself for you and this is how I'm repayed?
Better hope I don't try to strangle you and leave you to die(b*tch!)
Why did I date yo ass? Was it for fame?(Lame!)
Sat there and harmed yo ass for no reason and put me to the blame
I'm tired of the blame game!
You wanted this to happen and now I'll end for you!
Stay the f*ck away from me, before I hurt you instead of me
I'll kill yo ass in a heartbeat(Haha!)
I'ma let you reply to me later but first I gotta go tell the world that you a whole sl*t

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