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Primrose Ripper

"News Flash B*tch"

[Intro:Demonic Toby]
Turn this sh*t up

[Verse 1]
Why the f*ck do I gotta remind everybody
That this the place where no sun shine
When the time is mine I'ma make my way through fear this year
Anybody with fear stay clear
I take yo girl like
I’m sitting in this damn office like Peter Parker, b*tch I'm like Spider-man
I don't fear no man like Peter did god, on god
I go ball, then play ball down the hall, take her to the mall
I ain’t playin' this year
Gotta get paid this year
News flash b*tch nobody cares, what Nate says
I'ma blow up this damn year
Who knows that I'm even here
I don't give a f*ck about it but I forgot that I turn 16 this year
I push all the fakes in the back
So whenever they see me they faint from the flame this year
Check the speed on the dash and put it on the track
If you think I'm speaking too fast
I"m about to turn everything up until the speakers collapse
And make her ass ji-ji-jiggle like it's ready for cash
I brought a beaker of hash
For everybody here that need to relax
And if it's beef I’m repeatin the past
Loose lips, get blood, like a b*tch on a rag
I got drip like a leak in a bath, aye
I been tryin’ to rap since 10
I'm solo like Ben 10
Play Tokyo drift in my Van
My friends like eating that Thai
I love my babes thigh all nigh’
B.M. ain't got a condo
Aye b*tch this is a f*ckin' McCombo

[Outro:Demonic Toby with Prim]
Hell yeah!
My ass out of breath
Because you rapped like f*cking Eminem
No sh*t haha

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