LAY LOW lyrics


Put in the work , put in the work
King of my Kounty
Look at my shirt , look at my shirt

We cooking the turf
We booked round the Earth, booked round the Earth
Plenty of zones
But Brooklyn the first , Brooklyn the first
Biggie in hearst
Blickies to burst, blickies to burst
You Looking beserk
We Look Up ya skirt, look up ya skirt
Know The Ledge Media look up research
Look up research we shook up the Earth
Shook up the Earth, We shook up the Earth
Lay low lay low hey hoe hey hoe
They know they know they know
Better gеt MAACO hotter than Waco
Choppers & drakos Copper thе Halo
Live from Atlantis
Praying the mantis pray for some answers
Play wit the panthers magical city
Stay with the dancers slay wit the dancers
Know The Ledge Media Stay wit the answers
Stay the answers stay with the answers

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