Wild Wes (artist) Lyrics

Hatred For All Love For None (2020)

House Trap (2020)

Tracks For Da Ages (2020)

WW4* (2020)

Yung Exec (2020)

Bringdawildback (2019)

Checkoutdawildstyle (2019)

CRZFawkz (2019)

Gotta Lotta Dat (2019)

Satisfaction Guaranteed (2019)

The New Funk (2019)

The New Funk 2 (2019)

The New Funk: Funkadelic Edition (2019)

Trust Issues (2019)

WILD (2019)

Wild Wes (2019)

Wild Wes 2 (2019)

Wild Wes 3 (2019)

Wildimatic (2019)

Yall Know 2 (2019)

Yall Know 3 (2019)

Yall Know 4 (2019)

A Return

Blue Is Dominant

Call Of Da Wild


CyberSpace Sound



Fun & Games

Fun & Games

Global Domination

Hatred For All Love For None

Horror Lane

Ice Age

It Is What It Is

Perfect Attendance

Playaz B Wit Wes

Project Of Flames

Route Of A Rapper

Route Of A Rapper (Graduation Edition)


Stuck In The 90's

Take Tha Time Ta Hear Da Rhyme

Talkin’ Dat Funk

Tha Nation Of Tha Wild Sound

The Wild EP

Tryin’ Something Different

Watch Where Ya Walk

Way Of Tha Boom Bap

Wes VS The World

Wes Wit Da Flavor


While Tha Hate Swarms In



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