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[?] waking me for snoring (Snoring)
When I'm drinking rum in morning (When I'm drinking rum)
I can feel the water so important
Used to care, but now I'm no emotion (But now I'm no emotion)
Smoke another sack and now I'm floating (Ye)
f*ck em with a [?] and say I'm golden (Ye)
[?] down my page, that's some wack sh*t
But [?] want me featured on their track-list

Cure my broken heart and now I'm savage
I can't f*ck with b*tches, you a average
I can't f*ck with rappers, claim attraction
Don't call me your brother, this ain't lastin' (No, no, no)

When I'm getting close, you say I'm weak
Only time when I'm not hard is in the sheets
I let out some feelings that were deep
Baby, only time I cry is when I'm asleep (When I'm asleep, when I'm asleep)

I bring out these problems onto Jay
He told me that I would be okay
It's hard to believe but that's my bro James
If he tell me something, I'ma listen (Listen)
Stomach pushing pills out like a piston
Oh sh*t that's your girl, she gettin' fistin
Then she hit my bro up on a text
She don't really love you, just the sex (Nah, just the, just the sex)

Next time I see you, I'ma ball out
I've been on this sh*t like what's the cost now? (Cost now)
Even when my water drink, I'm drinking Voss now (Voss)
Hopefully you see me as a boss now
Yeah I've been with [?], what you thought?
What you thought?
I'm used to connections being dropped
When I play that sh*t, it hurt alot
Took a break to think 'bout what I got (Think 'bout what I got)

All I got, my friends and pretty lady
Not even my family can save me
Acting, looking shocked to see me wavy
Still I had them treat me like a baby

Two weeks from now, I should be dead
Evenings feeling like a bullet to the head
Only thing that different in my eyes
Guess they keep on moving till I die

Where would I have gone if I had stuck with it?
If I kept my secrets to myself, would it be different?
I'on wanna burden those I love with it
Our love is unconventional and unstable

I'm sorry to the people who are not able
To put up with my sh*t, I fill a whole table
My vision crackin' up like it was bad cable
That's my baby though, I'on even like labels

Part three, said it never gon' be alright
Everyone you fixin' bound to pop up twice
I've been picking at my brain, I got some bad headlights
I just need my boys and girlfriend and I feel alright

I've been thinkin', blowing smoke, gonna distort life
Every second, got me thinking, am I missed alright
Yeah my hoe, she feeling soon, I'm gonna love her right
I just got some new dilemmas, it goes well on ice

Do you ever think that it'll be alright?
I know I always say that sh*t but I'on got no view
The future always scare me, I know it scares you too
But still we got to hear an outset to erase the blue
I got too many problems float above my head
I got a angel from above that wanna hold my hand
I gotta settle down and focus on supply and demand
But still, I'm up at 2 AM making sh*t slow jams and oh

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