Horrible times are wakin' me from snoring (Snoring)
When I'm drinking rum in morning (When I'm drinking rum)
I can't figure what is so important
Used to care, but now I'm no emotion (But now I'm no emotion)
Smoke another sack and now I'm floating (Ye)
f**k em with a [?] and say I'm golden (Ye)
[?] down my page, that's some wack sh*t
But peers still want me featured on their track-list

Cure my broken heart and now I'm savage
I can't f**k with b*t*hes, you a average
I can't f**k with rappers, claim attraction
Don't call me your brother, this ain't lastin' (No, no, no)

When I'm getting close, you say I'm weak
Only time when I'm not hard is in the sheets
I let out some feelings that were deep
Baby, only time I cry is when I'm asleep (When I'm asleep, when I'm asleep)

I bring out these problems onto Jay
He told me that I would be okay
It's hard to believe but that's my brethren
If he tell me something, I'ma listen
Stomach pushing pills out like a piston
Oh sh*t that's your girl, she gettin' fisted
Then she hit my bro up on a text
She don't really love you, just the sex (Nah, just the, just the sex)
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