Where the- Where the f**k you been at?
Dip inside a prototype she ask me watchu call that?
b*t*h is bein' crazy how she think that I would call back
Wettin' 3's up in this b*t*h and I forgot to give the ball back
Lil b*t*h had left the condo and forgot to give the fob back
When I'm f**kin' on the percs I hit a wall and then I bounce back
All these b*t*hes lookin' for a Tiffany's to ball at
Once she lemme hit she gon' ask me where the mall at

[Verse 1]
Very- Very big pockets on my jacket
I could hear the ocean when I lean in to my necklace
Freaky hoe had brought along a try it next checklist
Half these sh*ts I wouldn't do and let alone mention
I mean it, I'm not even something half decent
But people I'm around I'm like the angel in the demon
We used to be knit but where was you when I was bleedin'?
Cleanin' out my contacts like I'm having trouble seein'

Lately I can only see the ugly
Baby can you look at me and try say you love me
Had to throw it out when I got blood all on my Stüssy
I ain't even like the sh*ts but it was hella comfy
I could give you everything I just need you to trust me
Look at me and pull me lil closer when you f**k me
Never thought id see the day when you would try to duck me
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