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"What’s the Deal"

Can you tell me what’s the deal
I made you my honey for the love that you have given me
Your love is all I have which I’ve been drinking as my remedy
In my f*cking lucid world the thought of you would heal me
Thirty minutes down the line I am missing that’s the real me
All these f*cking b*tches wanna do is come and sting me
I’ma build a paradise for you and me to be free
I just want the key I don’t want you to be my Kiki
You is all I want but my intentions aren’t filthy

Always saying the same thing, all this is the same sh*t
Never saw a liquor bottle f*ck it I was lonely
Making up a fact and add up to one of my stories
I’ma be a King yet I’ma be your bunny

You feeling me, yes you heal me
Over the horizons with you, diving in the deep seas
Drilling through my visions as I realise that you heal me
But f*ck I gotta run like them n*ggas would’ve just killed me

I’ma make a deal I’ll forever stay in the bed
Make a sweet living without stressing up my head
I won’t give a f*ck to whatever them n*ggas said
Forever love you cuz i’ma live life upto my best
I’ma make a song on you and hit it to the first
Just make you and me happy cause for them we got some merch
Never love myself until you loved me as a nerd
The deal is that I am staying though this n*gga never got heard

Can you tell me what’s the deal?
She just put some work in on my waist like can you feel me
I just put a thirty on my tongue like can you heal me
They just wanna take me out the game they wanna appeal me
I can’t let em do it I just wanna be the real me
Wax all on my blunt, I think I am gonna touch the ceiling
I know it’s not healthy but I really like the feeling
I look at the walls and mirror I can see em peeling
I been twenty four and I still haven’t got a meal in

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