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"​cool fighting scene from your favourite show"

[Verse 1]
You don't wanna talk then alright
I won't take the bait when I see it, baby
I can't give you everything I'm just a human
Woah, why
Why you always try to fight?
I might call you over then like
Then I'm flying 'round you like I'm
Baby, I could do this sh*t like
If that's okay with you
Girl, I'm getting so sick of you
And I think its bout time we
Headed back home, I'm sick of this party
Felt like 20 hours before it really got started
And every time I shave I'm gonna always get carded
If I ain't think ahead my night is over before it started

Beat switch

[Verse 2]
It's been such a long time
Such a long time
I think I read like 36 intelligent societies among the midnight sky
It made me feel alright
I feel alright
And honestly, it's not 100%p of me I tap into the others
Woah, turn it up
If you love me then hold me tight
I was on thinning ice
Man, I'm getting sick of this world I don't wanna live this boring life
I just had a dream about a feeling I had never felt before
And now I miss it almost every night
Sometimes in our lives, it takes the worst of things to teach us what to do when no one else'll help you fight
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