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"​excerpt from a book i found in the woods"

Skies above me cry out grey
I went ahead and burnt it all today
It was never meant to go this way
I was supposed to keep you safe
It's a big world so much you could dream up, yeah
She max out the shower and get the steam up, yeah
I got a small brain not too much to think of, yeah
Could you teach me what it’s made of, yeah

[Verse 1]
Carry me away
f**king airlift me away
My mind has reached its limit though I'd really love to stay
Indulging in my pleasures for I meet my timely fate
She had approached me at the party but I ain't have to much to say
She said it was cute and it’s okay
No, no, you mistook my go away
And that's just 'bout as forward I can take
(Without you)
I guess you just gotta stay like

Old cogs
Power this machine
They jammed up
If you love me why you always got defense up?
She said "it's 'bout time you man up
I think it's 'bout time we wake up
Dreams won’t bring themselves into fruition on your day off
Crystals scatter my coal nugs
I smoke this wood furnace and I go numb
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