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"​your place sucks, at least the ghost ship is comfy"

Sailor, waves, fog touched tailored, inhalers
Captain, I can't breathe out on these stormy nights
Tentacles, climb inside the boat into my reticle
Pitiful, he's gon eat us up like we was pigeon food
Shadows inside my eyelids I'm passing through uninvited
I curiously decided to venture to the void
Even if I was silent approaching in anti-violence
The creatures suppress the noise, they've taken away the choice

It's 4am on Venice Beach and still I f**king miss you
I look into the water and see you in the crystals
Here I come
What this water on my waist do, yeah
In the rush, I go to breathe like I had meant too, yeah
Alright I just wanna get higher, yeah
Pitch black, but the flame from the lighter, yeah
Thumbtacks on my hands, they're on fire, yeah
One day she is gonna stop loving, yeah

Blue trees surround me
God of war god of war
I would love to explore
I see fog coming in from the waves on the shore
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