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"​its over, you can go home"

If this is how it ends
Well I'm glad you were part of it
This was all inside my head before
I got around to starting it
You made it to the end and I appreciate your tolerance
Really I'm my brain inside my head and that is it
These holograms around me somehow willing me to live
And I know I can't touch you, I mean really really touch you
On atomic level sh*t but that's not how we're made to fit
If you look at people walking everybody moves the same
Perfect mess of flesh and bone equipped with total mental reign
When you think about it really, only difference is the brain
So that's why I'm looking through you when I'm talking to your face

Please don't be scared
There's nothing left to think about
It's over now
I'm sober now
I power down

[Verse 2]
Catching up 'cause she told me we can speak now
I keep my lights on when I sleep now
I keep my phone on when you go out
'Cause when I fall asleep you're the one I dream 'bout
Brought a black Nikon to the beach house
Pull my fleece out when I feel the breeze out
Used to freak, now you're too busy to go out
Throw my dreams out, all I do is sleep now

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