"​bygones become bygones"

His tongue's loose but one day he'll hold his wrongs
Options present themselves way less this time around
Reasoning is obsolete when deafened by the cause
Bullets fly right by his head as he prays to his God
"I need forgiveness" he yells at the clouds
Haunted by the task at hand of making dad proud
Birthmarks he never saw 'til she pointed them out
He said "you know me better than like anyone else around"
So I sleep and I wait for the end of the world
When I wake up to these sirens as hurricanes whirl
Around my house, I might walk right out
I never liked it here and this death would make me smile
Theres a light on, on her front porch
She said she was up late, maybe it's a sign so I'm going to find out
Last we were in a fight but I hope she's calmed down
I just wanna run something by you while I'm blacked out
Let's let bygones become bygones
I ain't mean to scare you
I meant it but I'm sorry I just had to lash out
I could smell his body on you when we laid down
I guess I just helped you find the one that worked out

Mm, mm
Mm, mm
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